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Log of Nightmares of Child Chaos

December 2010 Again, thanks for being willing to be “written at.” Really.  It helps. Posted Tangles, Start Anew, Quiet the Voices and The Fool.

November 2010 To Carole: Thanks for the correspondence, for caring enough to ask.  Posted “intro” edited from response to Thanksgiving message.  Earlier this month took a stab at revising Sliver of Light.  The “hopes and dreams” thing never rang well. Discussions of “It gets better” campaign with Steve and Wayne spurred the rewrite.

August 2006...caved in and abandoned 10 year old naming conventions of pages on site and deleted some old pics, and combined content on some pages to reduce the need to click from page to page for minimal content.

June 2005--change in format, add doodling from Philosophy class

April 4, 2001 Removed NetMind now that service is no longer free.

 April 5, 1998  Smell of a Dream  Who knows the words of yearning?

February 1998Sunset Owes It's GloryEmerging From the Clouds

1/19/98  A friend asks about the Boo prompting my reply of  " Suddenly ...  Boo. -Without Defense"

11/3/97  Deleted a few pictures and changed to a table format.  Pictures are still accessible through this page.

11/01/97    Added Link to www.agencyinfo.org, a new project in 1998.  This is where I'll be doing most of my work, now that I've quit my job at Stanford.  Added a few comments.  Juggled a few pictures.

05/10/97 A pencil drawing  and followed Carolyn's advice and started this "What's New" Update log.

05/09/97 Followed Carolyn's advice and added NetMind Registration

 05/05/97 Added Nervous Text Java Applet 
05/02/97 New scribble Bright Light Hurts

05/01/97 Introduced "Places in the Heart of Chaos" --hyperlinks to a few of the non-profits I've been involved with-- El Centro NPNSC, Inc. HealthWrights

05/01/97 Added a couple of pen drawings 

March 1997 Broken Crayons

February 1997 Revised drawing , Lots of tinkering.

January 1997 Thumbnails, Oh me!...where can we be?, Shadows Indistict, A Single Hello and Clumps of Mud,Laughter Falls

Mid 1996  set to zero. All These Echoes...

Early 1996 

December '95 In Defense of Boo, Sliver of Light

November 1995 It all began with....
Of Booish Nature
Journal Without Words
a black and white version of

Update Log