How do we start anew? 

We knew our way through the world, perhaps, some time ago. Even then, I wonder, if the tools we were handed were adequate.  Perhaps we started at a disadvantage, and now, the environment has changed even more.  There are no familiar markers. The old behavior we know so well no longer seems to work.

So how do we participate in the process of change? How can we prepare for tomorrow we cannot keep up with the pace and the flow of events of today? And who has traveled this journey who might tell of of the path we have yet to trod?

Certainly we will have such questions and perhaps in asking them we fear we will disturb the present order. In answering them there is the risk of approaching these questions as a hypothetical or theoretical puzzle.  And from there I don't know how to proceed. But if we wish for change, we must define a practical approach.

And it is so easy to settle, isn't it?  Settle into allegory and metaphor, or settle for dealing with mundane tasks, thinking the greater stories are only vicariously lived out in books and stories.

Sometimes we will make reference to a larger purpose or offer an allusion or an implication of meaning.  A nod of the head and a wink of the eye and we think we are understood and are often satisfied that the real, deeper  spiritual meaning is shared by another soul and fail to dip deeper for fear that the illusion will be shattered if explored too deeply.




Start Anew