Sliver of Light

Sliver of Light

There are events that strip away hope,
and some possibilities are dim from
today's perspective, seen only by
hindsight, if at all.

    From the perspective of a past
    of dark and brooding introspection
    and contemplation of inner chaos
    the ominous light at the end
    of the tunnel of today's troubles
    is seen as an approaching train.

    Tomorrow's perspective is unknowable.
    We see only through today's eyes,
    and my eyes today are clouded.
    I cannot see tomorrow's clear skies.

    Remember the wide open expanses
    we have passed through and how
    all of yesterday's yesterdays
    were as one bright, happy journey?

    How can the brooding mind recall
    days buried in altered states?
    Common moods of varied events
    are threaded in our minds
    giving access to today's mind
    moods and memories of like days.

    We know not the light ahead--
    if its daylight or instead the harbinger
    of the worst of what we dread.
    The answer is not suddenly divined
    but we ourselves emerge refined
    by each path and step we tread.

    Fear, the worst of the fates we find--
    Leaves us voiceless, deaf and blind.
    Onward is the one true choice
    else fear be the final voice.

    rev 11/4/2010

sliver of light