The Fool

The Fool has become a  powerful inner strength, at least at times.  The Fool does not know success is not possible, so he finds the solution others have overlooked. He is the innocent naif, untutored, laughed at.

It was a feeling, (wasn't it?) of the God's listening--a tightness and a fullness in the chest, of something bigger than ourselves spilling over. This cup of blessings, bittersweet--a type of consciousness I think larger than ourselves. I am not the container and cannot be big enough to hold all that spills forth.

The fool, it feels, must be played-- a character open to all possibility whether joy or pain; tragic or comic. So similar the resentment to gratitude--this chocking that refuses the unchecked breath--like a sob, but to the core. How shall I block one without restraining the other. A rare moment is this or passing revelation.  How shall we bear it?  Will the experience fade or am I changed so to contain it? 

The world has changed a bit today and not I only have seen it.  Not I only have played the part.  For mine was small--indeed inconsequential. For all I did was suspect. Was I even willing? Could it be?

No I fought against it pushed it down repressed the bubbling cauldron--capped it and sealed it.  And yet, I could not hinder the bursting forth.


10-27-2010 and 12-1-2010


The Fool