Phee Phi 321
  This page is just for Fun
           (as René is so serious!)

Rene Descartes courted solipsism in his “cogito ergo sum” proof of existence. Here, rather than approach Descartes directly with reason, I attempt to poke a little fun at my sense of ennui at feeling so alone.

Suppose I am all powerful and very bored.  Since eternity past I am alone with neither meditation nor conversation.  Every idea fades to nothing as there is nothing to bounce back an echo or sustain vibration.  This is a conundrum. If I am all there is and that’s all there is, anything there is also me.  Any attempt to converse is frustrated.  I already know the beginning, the end and in between.

I shall deceive myself.  We will call it a play, perhaps. Let the lights fade everywhere, but shine a single spot upon the stage.  I shall forget my wounds and that my pain is my own doing. There is a world, I shall say, though I play every part.

So now, judge me.  When I cross myself am I the all powerful demon, self deceiving? Am I God, self sacrificing?  Or am I simply here alone intentionally forgetful?  René could not have written me else I as Church would have lopped my head.  But if to any of these questions “yes”, then a puzzle…am I now writing or am now being read?

The Cause…

    Oh, what mighty seed is into earth now sown!

    For from single seeds have mighty forests grown.

    And how mighty I upon the tree stump sit,

    Bite into the apple, and apple seed I spit.


Or is it just me?

    Poor bird Solly to the mirror image wed,

    Wasting away while on his likeness fed,

    Wonders whether to adore the birdlike face,

    And wonders whether feathers are in place.

June 2005